{Latest update: 10 February 2003}

What is it?

Metconv is a small application written in C that helps you convert measures between the metrical and Imperial systems. I started right after taking some C classes merely as an excuse to put into practice some of the stuff I had learnt... well, and also because after living in the USA for more than eight years I still have to get used to all these damned measures.


Not much. This is a very simple program, and it should run pretty much on any *nix. I only tried it on Linux and Irix though.

How to install and configure

To install the RPM packages I provide here, simply download the file to your hard drive, log in as root, and run:
rpm -Uvh [packagename]

I also built an instable image for Irix systems that you can download from the link below. I assume you can install it from within the Software Manager, but to be honest I only tried an install from inst which is good enough.

Future improvements

Some of the features I plan to include in the future are:
  • Add feature to convert shoe sizes
  • Use autobuild or other similar tool to automatically build the product from tarball.


Directly taken from the ChangeLog file included with the package:
v0.4    (10 February 2003)
        Rewrote the application to accept long options GNU style, which also
        improved the way it handles the options.  I also fixed a bug that
        caused it to mishandle signed integers for the temperatures (as you
        can see, I didn't grow up in a country with freezing temperatures).
        Finally, I also added a man page and a Makefile.

v0.3   (26 September 2002)
        Rewrote the whole way I handle the options to make it more stable.
        Changed use of atoi to atof in order to fix bug that failed to
        accept decimals from stdin.  Also added the conversion between
        inches and centimeters, since I desperately needed this functionality
        to calculate the weight of my kids after their doctor's appointment.

v0.2.2  (11 August 2002)
        Added error handling, debugging, etc.

v0.2.1  (11 August 2001)
        Added more options and better handling of them.

v0.2    (14 July 2001)
        First version posted on the Net.


Here are the latest RPMs I packaged:
metconv.tardist (still version 0.3)