The publisher of such widely regarded magazines as Gourmet or Bon Appetit, their website contains information on eating, drinking, travelling...
An interesting weblog with commentary and forums on anything related to the palate: cuisine, chefs, wine cellars...
Weekly show aired by Minnesota Public Radio. The entire show is available online, together with the archives to previous shows. You can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter, check on recipes, etc.
Food and wine section of the prestigious US daily newspaper. Articles on cuisines, reviews of restaurants, recipes, etc. It is quite international in spirit, and the overall quality of the articles is pretty good.
This website ofers what could easily be the largest collection of recipes available in the Internet. Curiously enough, most of them are affordable and easy to cook, nothing extra fancy.
Its official banner reads: "showcasing the health-giving benefits of the Mediterranean and the Asian diet and lifestyle. The website contains plenty of recipes as well as general information about the diets.
Una amiga venezolana me pasó en enlace a este maravilloso sitio web que se centra, como se dice en la página principal, en "la excelencia gastronómica multicultural, a partir de la cocina venezolana a la manera de Caracas".
Excellent resource with plenty of information about hundreds of spices and herbs: history, etimology, pictures, gardening, recipes... They are also nicely organized in a botanic index, a geographic index, etc.
Excellent magazine that contains not only recipes, but also articles about cuisines, traditions, gastronomy, history of foods, etc.
Revista de alta gastronomía publicada por Montagud Editores, con noticias, recetas, enlaces... Cuidado, porque cuando se define como de alta gastronomía la cosa va en serio.
The paradise of those who love chocolate. This website includes links to resources, guides, FAQs, information on tastings, recies, etc.
Suplemento del diario español El Mundo sobre el mundo del vino, con información sobre bodegas, vinos, reportajes. Como es de imaginar, la mayor parte de la cobertura se dirige a la industria del vino española.
A really quick and dirty guide to identify and judge a wine, with tips on its color, smell, body, etc. A nice and short beginners' guide.
All you needed to know about the world of coffee, and then more: reviews, reference, online marketplace...
One of the most prestigious international magazines on the topic. Their website includes resources, articles from the magazine, special features, travel advise, etc.
Collection of links and documents on the world of massage: history of massage, massage oils, kinesiology, techniques, books, etc.