Portal website of the Saint Paul Public Schools system: student and parent resources, information on how to get involved, etc.
Website of the public school both Nicolás and Sophia are attending. It contains information about their general philosphy, school calendar, pictures, committees, what they are up to... the usual.
Children between the ages of six months and 10 years simply love it there. The museum has a combination of permanent exhibits and rotating ones where kids can play and learn.
Ever since he discovered science at school, Nicolás simply loves to visit this museum.
Pumas, wolverines, komodo dragons, tigers, snakes, the Minnesota Trail, the Tropical Trail... kids love it all year around! They especially like to see the dolphins and sharks.
Online grocery store where we do most of our weekly family shopping. Nice selection and quality, and the prices are all right too.
Online service that allows you to comfortably rent DVDs from home. They offer a very wide selection of movies and documentaries, including quite a few in foreign language.
Local bookstore with a nice online presence that allows me to search for books. It carries used books mainly.
Portal website of the St. Paul Public Library system. The whole catalog is available online, which allows one to reserve books using the browser.
Prestigious theater in Minneapolis.
Arts center in Minneapolis which features contemporary visual and performing arts exhibits.
Not strictly a local link, but this website is just great to plan driving trips both away and close to home. Not only does it help you calculate how long the trip will take, but it also contains information about hotels, sightseeing, etc.
Nothing extraordinary, but it is close to home and it is affordable. I have taken a few programming classes at this place over the years, and it is good enough to keep in touch with new technologies.
Sitio web que permite volver a entrar en contacto con viejos amigos de la EGB y el Bachillerato. Para mi sorpresa, me encontre con bastantes alumnos de la escuela que atendí en Sevilla.
Website put together by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with plenty of information about the trails of Minnesota.
Obviously, this is not a local site at all. However, it is a great online resource with educational tools and games that the kids can use to explore the world.