The list of sites I rely on to get my daily news fix. This list may change from time to time, sometimes often. Currently, at least for general news, it reflects a reliance on news agencies, as opposed to newspapers and other media. Over time, I have noticed that news agencies appear to stick more to the old journalistic approach, based on an effort to state the facts, instead of pandering to the public's lowest instincts and constantly playing the "can you believe what he/she said? I'm outraged!" game, which is so pervasive today.

Principal agencia de noticias española.
Noticias de Andalucía publicadas por la Agencia EFE.
International news organization.
The UK branch of the international news agency.
American news agency.
Agencia de noticias portuguesa.
Worldwide current events from Wikipedia.
Organización ecologista española, representante del llamado ecologismo social.
Portal de noticias sobre ecología.
British environmental journal.
News about everything related to climate change.
Daily news on everything Linux.
A magazine focused on open source and Linux tutorials, stories, and resources.
An excellent in-depth source of information for everything related to Linux.
IT news from a free software and open source perspective.
Generals news and opinion on computer issues from the perspective of user rights.
Great source of technology news.
Magazine from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) dedicated to technology and its cultural and business ramifications.
The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.
Simply the latest scientific research news.
An evolutionary approach to health and disease. Generally linked to the so-called paleo approach to diet.
The best free cultural and educational media on the web.
Not sure they chose the best name for this podcast (and the related website). It's not what it sounds. Nice collection of articles and audio files with plenty of information and advice on how to become a better man (or, actually, person).
The website of the American humor magazine. Be careful, some of their "news" pieces sound scarily real.
Parecido a The Onion, pero en castellano y en el contexto español.