I really dislike the incivil form of shouting that many Americans call "talk radio", and generally find National Public Radio a refreshing alternative. As a matter of fact, the radio in my car is permanently tuned to Minnesota Public Radio, the local NPR affiliate in the state where I live. These are links to websites that were set up as online resources to go with some of the most popular shows in NPR. Enjoy.

NPR program that covers a specific issue from a very broad and open-minded perspective, including as many approaches as possible.
Program that provides a forum to debate current legal issues that are affecting the country.
Issue-based website that pretends to engage high school students in informed political discourse. It discusses such controversial issues as affirmative action, the death penalty, the drug war or gun control.
Hosted by Ira Flatow, Science Friday covers the human discovery in astronomy, physics, mathematics, medicine, biology and any other science.
Associated to MPR, this website intends to provide teachers the resources that they need in order to discuss current news and cultural affairs in class.
Economy, business, investment, tax issues...
Intelligent conversation about cooking, wine, cuisine...
Excellent program on travelling, including stories, tips, resources...
Hosted by novelist and journalist Kurt Andersen, Studio 360 is a weekly radio show about culture and the arts where we learn about current issues, events and trends.
An experimental lab on the radio waves, this show is a patchwork of people, sounds, stories and experiences centered around One Big Idea.
Hosted by Krista Tippett, Speaking Of Faith deals with everyday issues from a spiritual or religious perspective. This is not a program about this or that church, but rather about spirituality itself.