[Wed Aug 16 14:05:06 CDT 2017]

Here are a the links to a few documents that I found interesting and/or useful. First of all, I needed to edit a video file to remove the first few minutes of a training session that were spent in irrelevant chit-chat. So, I did a search to see how to do that, and came across this tutorial explaining how to use VLC as a video cutting tool. However, a bit later, I noticed that this other method to trim and cut videos also using VLC made more sense. Then, on a totally unrelated topic, about a week ago or so I was going through this list of nmcli examples to control your network settings. Quite useful. {link to this entry}

[Tue Aug 15 11:54:03 CDT 2017]

Here is the page from the Debian Wiki dedicated to the suspend mode feature. The following command disables the feature in Debian 8 (jessie) and it should also work on Debian 9 (stretch):

# systemctl mask sleep.target suspend.target hibernate.target hybrid-sleep.target
{link to this entry}

[Tue Aug 15 11:34:43 CDT 2017]

My oldest son recently shared with me this write-up that tries to debunk the most common arguments around data and privacy that I found quite reasonable. It's one of those topics where I must acknowledge that, for the most part, I behave like everybody else (i.e., allowing all sorts of online companies to use my personal data for the sake of convenience). Yet, I must admit that the author makes a few good points. {link to this entry}

[Tue Aug 15 11:26:48 CDT 2017]

Here is something quite strange that occurred to me last week with my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. I always use the phone as an alarm clock. So, a morning last week, it woke me up for work, and I noticed there was more daylight than usual. When I checked the phone to see what had happened, I found this:

Notice the disagreement in the time being shown on the main widget and the top bar. A simple restart did not fix it. I had to open the cover and reseat the battery. {link to this entry}