This page will contain information and resources about my reading projects, which will hopefully cover a vast array of topics in different media (books, music, movies...). The objective is to learn about the chosen issue or field in a somehow structured way, making sure at the same time that this can help expand my horizons. It is a resolution I made recently when looking back to my own life I noticed that I had just been picking here and there while completely forgetting the classics and learning in a very disorganized manner.

After living in the US for more than eight years, it is about time I make an effort to learn about their culture. This is an effort to understand American history, society and tradition through its most important books.
Proyecto de trabajo a relizar con mis hijos para estudiar unos cuantos ejemplos de poesía llevada al mundo de la música: Antonio Machado y Serrat, Alberti y Ana Belén, Lorca y tantos y tantos artistas... En fin, un intento de mostrar a los niños cómo es posible tender puentes entre las distintas formas artísticas.
Grupo de lectura y discusión sobre El Capital, de Karl Marx, iniciado con algunos compañeros de Sevilla con el ánimo de leer atentamente la obra desde una aproximación nada dogmática.