Tao of Jeet Kune Do
Expanded edition
Bruce Lee
Black Belt Communications, Valencia, California, USA, 1975
212 pages (4966 KB)

Not only is this an excellent book, but also a classic in the martial arts. Although it does feel like a draft (it was truly put together after Bruce Lee's death by gathering together and organizing many of his notes), it still provides plenty of great information to the practitioner. The content spans from the more ethereal and philosophical (especially in the first section, titled Empty your mind) to the very detailed and practical (truly, the vast majority of the book). Finally, although the title of the book includes a reference to Jeet Kune Do, don't let that fool you, Lee's aim is to discuss martial arts and fighting in general. The contents apply to the practitioner of any martial art.

Entertainment: 6/10
Content: 8/10