Introducing Derrida
A Graphic Guide
Jeff Collins & Bill Mayblin
Icon Books, London, UK, 2021 (2021)
317 pages

This book feels like a philosophy textbook for the younger generation, at least in the sense that the younger generation cares more about images and comics, which is fine, of course. However, I must say I have mixed feelings about both the obsession with pictures and this book in particular. I suppose I'm old enough (and have enough experience) to realize that whether pictures are the best way to send a message truly depends on the message itself, as well as the context. In other words, thinking that pictures are always the best method to communicate seems to me as wrong-headed as the opposite. In the case of this particular book, I'd not only emphasize that, in spite of the centrality of the pictures, the core of the message is still communicated via text, but also that some of the pictures (perhaps many) completely fail to add anything to the text. It's almost as if the authors felt a need to insert pictures regardless of whether or not they aided in the message (which, of course, taking into account the nature of the book series itself, shouldn't surprise anyone). Said that, if you are looking for a relatively simple introduction to Derrida's thought, this book does a decently good job.

Entertainment: 6/10
Content: 6/10