The Surrogates
Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele
Top Shelf Productions, Marietta, Georgia (USA), 2009 (2005-2006)
158 pages (plus additional material)
ISBN: 978-1-891830-87-7

As it tends to happen with many books, the graphic novel version of The Surrogates did not attract much attention until the movie starring Bruce Willis that it inspired was released back in 2009. However, the graphic novel stands on its own. While I don't really remember the details of the movie itself (which, if memory serves, I watched back when it was released, and haven't watched again since), the plot overall doesn't change much. Yet, the book is really well put together, and it also includes a few materials in between chapters (in the form of fake journal articles and advertisements of the surrogates) that lend it more credibility and contribute to build a more "immersive" atmosphere. Also, the careful carelessness of the drawn lines lend it a very noir and dystopic flair.

Entertainment: 8/10
Content: 7/10