After many years working in the technology field but without having an academic background in the field, I definitely feel the need to gain some structured learning. Yet, no matter how hard I search, all I find is either long courses in Computer Science at the university (too long, too involved, and too expensive for my needs) or, on the other hand, very ad-hoc classes on web development or Java that include no introduction to any theoretical (or achitectural) framework whatsoever. The fact is that neither approach works for me. What I need is something in the middle. Something that provides an introduction to the concepts, and then moves onto the actual programming side, even though it should do more so from a troubleshooting/analysis point of reference than anything else. So, in the end, I decided to put together my own course using resources available online, as well as books that I plan to purchase on my own.

Rough syllabus for the course. For the time being, this will be a collection of links that I will then flesh out to be more like a true syllabus. After all, this is a work in progress, like so many other things on this personal website... like life itself!